Dirty Bee Loofah Soap

Dirty Bee Loofah Soap

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Montecito - Blend of Freesia, Floral Notes, and Citrus. Best SELLER!

Pineapple Mango - Tropical and rich coconut and sweet juicy pineapple.

Boyfriend - Unisex blend of woodsy and berry scents

Bloom - Fresh and clean with a strong scent of Floral.

Coconut Lime - Margarita Smell with a Dash of Refreshing Coconut.

Do you want to get rid of stress and tension that you feel on your body? Well, one of the best solutions that you can make is to use the efficient Loofah sponge on your daily shower. It can relive stress and at the same time you can have the chance to achieve a young looking, attractive as well as healthy Skin. With this, you can now level up your beauty and confidence as you walk in front of others. Are you a budget conscious person who has high standards for your beauty and health goals? Then, the Loofah sponge is the perfect one for you!

The Natural Loofah will expand in contact with water. After each use rinse and let it dry out! 

Key Information About Our Loofah Soaps:

Suggested to change your loofah every 4-6 weeks.